Happy Mothers Day from Belarmino Ventures

The one thing I love about being in the outdoors, in an expedition, to say the least, is that I am not encapsulated in the norms of time. Heck, I do not even know what day and date it is today. I just follow the natural flow of my body. When the sun rises, I get up, when the sun sets, I go to sleep, simple.

The one thing I don’t like as a consequence is that you tend and forget important events like mother’s day.

Hail to all mothers in the world. You are all amazing beings with the tremendous sacrifices you have done and unselfishly gave to your children and to your families.

I write this piece especially to my mother who has been so supportive, loving and caring unconditionally. Thank you mom for taking care of Himalaya and Amihan while we are here. I can’t thank you enough. My lifetime gratitude and love to you.

Happy mother’s day.

Janet Belarmino
Belarmino Ventures
Himalayan Expeditions 2014

We would also like to thank Regatta, GET UP (corporate social responsibility platform of Golden ABC), Habagat, Lagalag, and Sycure for supporting our Himalayan Expeditions 2014

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Great mountains to Great Moms