Little Lobuche 5200 meters

Today is our first day of glacier and technical training. After a week of trekking all the way from Lukla, we will have our first meeting with our climbing gears and try them on. After a hearty breakfast, we donned our plastic boots and our packs and headed out into 3 C degree air. We negotiated Little Lobuche and made a strong pace for the summit block of this steep 310m climb. Wearing our plastic boots for the first time made it quite challenging to walk and gain balance. Footing felt a lot more difficult. The pace slowed for many because of their excess weight in the boots. The last 100 meters is rocky chose where we sometimes had to use our hands and feet. We all stayed at the summit for at least 20 minutes, giving or bodies ample time to adapt to the new altitude. The summit was accelerating with amazing views of the Himalayas all around us and steep drop from the summit block on all sides.

We all went back to the lodge to have a good lunch.

After lunch, we again donned our climbing gears, this time, we just settled for a rocky terrain on the corner of our lodge which gave us enough space and good conditions to practice our fixed ropes, rappelling and crampon skills. Everybody was able to set up their own anchor system on the fixed rope, change over to rappelling and climb with their crampons on. In a nutshell, it was a productive day for the whole team.

Nothing beats training in the natural environment with its natural elements and conditions.

Todd Forney

Lead Guide
Belarmino Ventures
Himalayan Expeditions 2014

We would also like to thank Regatta, GET UP (corporate social responsibility platform of Golden ABC), Habagat, Lagalag, and Sycure for supporting our Himalayan Expeditions 2014

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At the summit of Little Lobuche

Team on the Summit