Preparing for a Himalayan expedition

Currently we have about two and a half months until the start date on our expeditions.

Today, our morning started with a 5:00 am wakeup call and a 5.30 start on our personal training trek through the sleepy streets of Coron town and up Mt. Tapyas in preparation for the our expedition in the coming months. This is our morning time spent talking about the days schedule topped off with an awesome sunrise over the outer island of Northern Palawan.

Since 2014 struck the clock, time seems to have kicked it up a notch and set a faster pace. Our remaining two and half months preparation all of a sudden is approaching quite fast mixed with daily activities of equal importance… it all seem momentous to say the least.

We juggle our time at the office in Coron town, focusing here on our expeditions around Northern Palawan, to constant online communication with our trekkers and climbers and affiliates for the upcoming Everest trip, spicing it all up with early morning hikes, lunch hours in the weight room and another sun-downer hike up to Mt. Tapyas carrying heaps of water and our baby girl Amihan as ‘weights’ alongside the never ending energy of our son Himalaya for our workouts.

Yes, our hands are full and each day is packed with exciting challenges. Yet, like Mt. Everest, it may be difficult but it is not impossible…

Climb on!

Janet Belarmino

Sunset on top of MT Tapyas

Audio Dispatch: Janet ontop of Mt tapyas