Team Leader

Two days ago, our team members Randy and Uyay suffered Acute Mountain Sickness and Janet as a team leader had to make the desicion to evacuate them. She took them out to Kathmandu by helicopter where they could recuperate.

Altitude is very challenging because it is invisible. If it were a broken limb she could address the trauma easily. The effects of altitude, the duress that it puts on the human body, makes it very difficult to pinpoint what the source of those problems are.

Regarding Randy and Uyay, it is wait and see. Now when our team members health is compromised at certain elevations, still below base camp —it’s not the prudent thing to have them come back up and go back into the invisible grip of altitude. It’s really challenging for a team leader to work all communications logistics out, and that’s what Janet as an expedition leader has to manage. She’s got to make these tough decisions and to communicate with people about this. With that said, it’s the well-being and safety of her team members that’s important and making sure that the team remains strong and they all come away from this with a great experience.

Recently we just heard back that Randy and Uyay are ok and have been released from the hospital in Kathmandu. Great to hear they are doing good.

Our team is on the way down now and we will be spending tonight at Namche, enjoying good food and a warmer tea house. We can say, going down has its own different kind of challenge- stressful on the knees and definitely different set of muscles are working. As we pass by the same trail which we took on our way up, it amazes us how long and steep they are.

Cheers to that! Good job team!

Thanks for following.

Todd Forney
Lead Guide
Belarmino Ventures
Himalayan Expeditions 2014

We would also like to thank Regatta, GET UP (corporate social responsibility platform of Golden ABC), Habagat, Lagalag, Messy Bessy, Sycure, Galileo Enrichment Learning center, WISAR wilderness search and rescue group and Sandugo for supporting our Himalayan Expeditions 2014

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Cy and Teddy leaving Lobuche

Todd on the trail

Teddy on the trail