Valley Of Memories

As Janet, Teddy, CY and I paced out the last 3 hours up the hill to Lukla, I pondered the long journey. I thought about the past few weeks. I thought about the mountains I have climbed, the oceans I have crossed, planes, trains, roads, my wife, family and my baby girl. Each step, one foot in front of the other, I retraced the steps through the valley of memories.

I slowed down my pace. Sometimes it’s worth lingering on the journey before getting to the destination.

As the day ended, our team crest the last hill and crossed through the gates into Lukla while Fifteen climbers perished on Mt Everest and passed on into the valley of memories.

I reached down and delicately grasped Janet’s hand. And thought “It’s good to have an end to journey towards. But it is the journey that matters: living life to the fullest, pushing our limits, living to the extreme. There is nothing to fear- not suffering, failure or even death. Spending our time building legacies, because legacies do not die.”

Another page has turned.
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Todd Forney
Lead Guide
Belarmino Ventures
Himalayan Expeditions 2014

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Valley Of Memories

Valley Of Memories

Janet and Todd- gate of Lukla